Claire Palmer

Hello I'm Claire - founder and owner of Indigo Fox.

I wanted to share a little bit of my passion and my story (my 'why') with you.

Having worked on most things from integrated marketing campaigns to large-scale migration and integration projects to the everyday operational and mandatory communications, I've got a really good understanding of the challenges regulated businesses face when it comes to their regulatory and change comms. It's the expression 'been there, seen it, done it'. But, I like to add in 'I get it' too. 

I've experienced what it's like to working closely with compliance and legal teams to deliver some of the more challenging operational and mandatory communications. It's given me a real insight into how to deliver these in a more engaging way, but still remaining compliant. ...And most importantly keeping the legal and compliance teams happy.

I may be classed as slightly odd but when I say I get quite passionate about regulatory comms - I really do mean it and it's what makes Indigo Fox a little different. We truly have a passion and love working on the mandatory, regulatory and the other 'non-marketing' communications that most marketing people don't. I guess it's not as creative and not as 'sexy' but I see a real opportunity to be creative with how we communicate, the tone, empathy, finding the right words and the right way to tell the story. 

So in a nutshell, Indigo Fox was set up to offer support (mostly out-sourced, but also in-house if you need it) to businesses who need extra resource to deliver these types of communications.

We're an agency who genuinely 'gets' regulated communications and all the nuances and can hit the ground running at any point in the project you need some extra help.